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Welcome to Kankakee's home page! This is our electronic user's guide for residents, visitors, business business people ... anyone interested in knowing more about our wonderful city. Whether you're looking for a quick answer or a leisurely cyber-tour, we hope you enjoy our site.  There is a lot to love about Kankakee. Our lifestyle is a blend of rural and urban influences. The beautiful Kankakee River winds through town forming a backdrop for recreation and relaxation all year long.  The Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra, Kankakee Valley Theatre, Kankakee County Historical and Art Museum, Riverview  Kankankee Historic District, Kankakee Community College, Governors State University Satellite Campus, concerts in the park,  Lunch with a side of Jam the Depot, Farmers Market are just some of the things that give our city its unique energy and style. 

From Indians to industry, the City of Kankakee has a proud history of agriculture and commerce and an exciting future as the service, industrial, cultural and governmental hub of Kankakee County. As always, we in city government are here to serve you. Please let us know how we can help. Thanks for checking us out!  Nina Epstein, Mayor, Kankakee.